V-Key App 2FA for
Office 365 Setup

Office 365 Access Authentication

To login to your Office 365 account, do the following steps:

  1. If you are logging in to your Office 365 account via a web browser, browse to https://www.office.com. If you are logging in to your Office 365 account via an Office app, such as Outlook, Team, or Skype for Business, open the Office app, e.g. Outlook.

    Note: If you are using email client application such as Mail on Mac OS or iOS, select Exchange during mail account selection when you add your email account. Take note that V-OS Cloud 2FA authentication only works on Mail on macOS Mojave or iOS 10 onwards. If you are not using the supported OS, switch to use the Outlook app instead.

    Mail App
    Fig 1: Mail App
  2. Enter your email account and select the Next button.

    Office 365 Email (Browser | App)
    Fig 2: Office 365 Email (Browser | App)
  3. Enter the password and select the Sign in button.

    Office 365 Password
    Fig 3: Office 365 Password
  4. Push notification for authentication is sent to the V-Key app on your mobile device. Authenticate the Office 365 login request with the security method (PIN/biometrics) and select Approve to accept the request.

    Office 365 Authentication Request
    Fig 4: Office 365 Authentication Request
  5. Upon successful authentication, you should have logged in to your Office 365 account. You may be prompted with the following screen. Select Next.

    Request for More Info (Browser | App)
    Fig 5: Request for More Info (Browser | App)
  6. Setup the authentication phone or email if you want to. This step is optional. You may select the Cancel button to skip.

    Setup Authentication Method
    Fig 6: Setup Authentication Method
  7. You are now successfully authenticated and logged in to your Office 365 account.

    Office 365 Web Login
    Fig 7: Office 365 Web Login
    Office 365 App Login
    Fig 8: Office 365 App Login